Another FIRE blog?

Over the past several months I’ve been spending quite a lot of time reading various blogs and web sites related to being Financial Independent/Retired Early (FIRE). Mr Money Mustache, 1500Days, Mr. Freaky Frugal, Our Next Life, all added something to my knowledge and understanding of, preparing for, attempting, failing at, and eventually achieving Financial Independence/Retired Early. As one of the things on my list of things to do I’d been toying with starting a blog related to FIRE.

And then I read this piece by Accidental FIRE, especially the last part, and it set me to thinking. Is there really room for another blog on FIRE?

Yes, I believe there is. I think there can’t be too many voices on the subject. Each blogger has their own viewpoint, history, and journey to share, and who knows what will resonate with the reader and their situation in life. Even if I can help just one person with my experiences, then I’ll be quite happy and view my efforts as more than worthwhile.

So, you’re stuck with me. Deal with it. 🙂

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